Partnerships - Business

Partner with us for your design projects and discover new creative opportunities. Our partnership program enables design and construction firms to mockup and prototype their concepts into reality to evaluate their innovative solutions. Design/Build resources such as studio and shop spaces, machines, tools, and training is provided by us.

  • Opportunities
    • Advancing your creative business solutions with our support.
    • Evaluation and experimentation of unique design challenges using our facilities and systems.
    • Delivering your innovative solutions to your clients and market.
  • Benefits
    • Access to Crosstree's design language, prototyping facility and fabrication resources and networks.
    • Utilizing Crosstree's design/build culture, experience and knowledge to design more with less.
  • Responsibilities
    • Partnering businesses will provide all materials and supplies for project and manage needs of their staff.
    • Staff will design and build physical artifacts to deliver the needs of the business.
  • Requirements
    • Businesses with core focus in using art, architecture, construction, design, engineering, manufacturing or technology to improve our built environment.
  • Submittals
    • Cover letter demonstrating business interest, experience and abilities should be submitted to