Fellowship - Research

Crosstree provides research fellowships to emerging researchers. It is a travel research program focusing on architectural system, products, services and solutions. Case studies are created through site visits, interviews, first hand knowledge and documentations.

  • Opportunities
    • Research attribution, sharing and extending current and future case studies.
    • All research expenses such as transportation, lodging, meals and fees are provided by us.
  • Responsibilities
    • Travel, document, organize, write, edit and publish research findings using provided guidelines.
    • Submit case studies using provided framework to be shared with our creative community.
  • Requirements
    • Background in art, architecture, construction, design, engineering, manufacturing and technology.
    • Proficient skills in writing and photography/videography.
    • Basic computer skills in Word, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Submittals
    • Cover letter, resume and work samples demonstrating research interests and abilities should be submitted to info@crosstreeinc.com