Partnerships - Nonprofit

Partner with us for your design/build projects and discover new creative opportunities. Our partnership program enables nonprofit organizations to prototype their concepts into reality to improve our built environment. Design/build resources such as studio and shop spaces, machines, tools, and training is provided by us.

  • Opportunities
    • Advancing public participation, creative culture and community development.
    • Creating unique design/build solutions for stakeholders and community.
    • Delivering creative solutions and improvements for our built environments.
  • Benefits
    • Access to Crosstree's design language, prototyping facility, fabrication resources and networks.
    • Utilizing Crosstree's design/build culture, experience and knowledge to design more with less.
  • Responsibilities
    • Partnering organizations will provide all materials and supplies for project and manage needs of their participants.
    • Participants will design and build physical artifacts to deliver built solutions for their people, place and our planet.
  • Requirements
    • Organizations with core focus in using art, architecture, construction, design, engineering, manufacturing or technology to improve our built environment.
  • Submittals
    • Cover letter demonstrating community interest, experience and abilities should be submitted to